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Complete Homeschooling Hub ClickUp Template


The Complete Homeschooling Hub ClickUp Template is a central location for all things homeschooling: those pesky administrative tasks, lesson plans, book lists, family brain dump, templates, cool materials you don’t want to lose track of, docs, YouTube videos, and more. Contains over 50 elements!


“I just can’t do it all!”​ – said every homeschooling mom, ever.

The good news is you don’t have to. ​

Banish stress and anxiety with planning —

  • Plan out homeschooling subjects and lessons
  • Keep track of resources and important dates
  • Schedule time for homeschooling and for your tasks
  • Packed full of folders, lists, and tasks to make things easy for you!

Make record keeping a breeze —

  • Keep all your records in one place
  • Buy once and use the template over and over
  • Easily customizable to your needs
  • ClickUp is perfect for organizing a big project like homeschooling

Use it over and over for multiple children

About the ClickUp Template

Use ClickUp as a homeschooling planner so that you can keep your homeschooling lessons alongside your work. Add your children as guests and assign them tasks, teaching them how to use a project management tool (a great skill!) and giving them ownership over their work. Or, assign all the tasks to yourself to keep yourself on track.
  • Created by a ClickUp Verified+ Consultant
  • Designed for a paid ClickUp plan
  • 2 click installation into your workspace

What the Template Includes

The ClickUp template includes more than 50 elements ready to be loaded into your workspace in just 2 clicks:

Ready to Use Docs

  • 5 page guide with pro tips for easy use (so you can get started quickly)
  • Family Brain Dump Doc (“Mom, can we take a family cross-country road trip?”)
  • Materials List (so you can keep track of what you’ve already bought and put in your cabinet – and what you want to buy for next year)
  • Books We’ve Read This Year List

5 Ready to Use Folders

  • 1 Homeschool Hub Home Folder (so you can keep track of all your homeschool things in one place)
  • 1 Sample Plan/Tracker for Inspiration (with different planning options you can customize for your family’s unique style)
  • 1 Child Template (so you can duplicate/save as template and use over and over every year for multiple kids)

36 Lists

  • Before You Start the School Year – with sample tasks (so you can get ready for the year with ease)
  • Book List
  • For Evaluation at Year End (so you can show up to your evaluation feeling confident and organized)
  • Materials – with sample tasks

Sample Tasks

  • See the different ways you can use tasks to plan (monthly/weekly/daily)
  • Embed YouTube videos and never lose them again!
  • Link/embed Google docs to tasks


  • video tutorial
  • guide for customizing and practical usage

How to Use This Template

Just click the link in the download to add the template to your workspace. Start planning out your homeschool!

Who This Template is For

  • Homeschoolers
  • Parents
  • Homeschooling business owners
  • Teachers

You are purchasing a single use license of this template and may use it for your use only.

  • A fully built out template
  • Video tutorial on how to use the template
  • Guide to further customizations and practical use

Due to the nature of this digital product, no refunds are offered. 

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