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Check My ClickUp – Zoom-Free Consulting Service


Get expert feedback and tips on how to improve your ClickUp quickly with a simplified Zoom-free solutions for busy business owners who need an expert pair of eyes on their ClickUp but don’t have the time or capacity for yet another Zoom meeting – or maybe you’re looking for a lower priced option.


Do you need an expert to check over your ClickUp but aren’t ready to shell out big bucks?

Have you tried one of those generic ClickUp courses everyone seems to be putting out today but are still messaging your friends asking for setup tips?

Are you tired of bingeing YouTube tutorials on your day off?

Or maybe you’ve got major Zoom fatigue and can’t bear another Zoom call but your client work or projects are falling through the cracks, you’re not properly monitoring your team’s tasks, that person you hired on Upwork left you with a workspace you don’t know how to use, and you’re feeling too disorganized and overwhelmed to even think about the first step in fixing things.

Maybe you’ve wondered:
🤔 should my clients be spaces or folders or lists
🤔 how can I use automations
🤔 why does my team still have no idea what to do in ClickUp
🤔 how can I use custom fields to be more organized
🤔 how can I use email from inside of ClickUp
and more

ClickUp can be simple when set up and maintained properly – and a headache when not. 🤯

Here’s your opportunity to get actionable and customized advice on how to improve your workspace!

“This was awesome and super helpful!” – happy client E.L.

The Check My ClickUp Consulting Service follows a simple process that will give you actionable advice for a fraction of the price of a regular consulting call.

What You’ll Get
✨ A video reply from me answering all your questions
✨ Links to resources
✨ Seven days of email support for additional questions

The process is as follows:
– Purchase this item
– Check your email for an email with further instructions
– Prepare your questions and video
– Take a video of your workspace talking me through your questions (you can use ClickUp’s Clip or Loom for this). Please keep the video to under 10 minutes.
– Complete the form in the email
– Within 48 hours, you’ll receive a video reply in your email where I’ll answer your questions, tell you how to fix things, provide feedback, and give you other tips. I’ll also include other resources where applicable.
– I’ll check in with you in a week to see how things are going in your improved workspace!


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